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A draft of the mandate for ICP Modelling & Mapping activities (distributed) is proposed and NFC comments are welcomed.Following up on a proposal from Germany for revising the calculation of nitrogen immobilisation the Task Force of ICP Modelling and Mapping discussed this topic at its 2016 meeting in Dessau.

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Draft minutes of the meeting will be made available in due course on this site.Here, we apply the VSD model and the MADOC-Multi MOVE model chain to calculate site-specific critical loads.We also test a new critical limit for biodiversity based on the habitat suitability for 31 CSM positive indicator species and investigate the impact of pollutant reduction and climate change scenarios on habitat suitability.Under such conditions, likely due to P and K co-limitation of the decomposer community, litter chemistry gains in importance.Critical loads for acidity and nutrient nitrogen represent the main policy tool to control air pollution impacts at protected sites, yet there is evidence from gradient surveys that many species are lost below the critical load.

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