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It’s taught me to read more carefully, understand more carefully, and go beyond the stump speech. I read for myself, I thought for myself, and I found some things that were startling. The administration has increased its scrutiny of money-bail systems since the Justice Department’s investigation of Ferguson, Missouri, where many poor people had been overwhelmed by fines for minor offenses. They’re going to make 14 different exceptions, it won’t apply to anything but low-level misdemeanors,” and it was so deflating. But all of it is happening again, and we’re all just sitting here letting it go down. Because this is fucked up, that 97 percent of people in jail have not gone to trial. Who can help me talk about I also wanted to include the voices of formerly incarcerated people, not just have a whole bunch of people talking about them, but to have their voices. A couple of conservatives walked in and were like, “A lot of black people! Did you just all of a sudden want a whole bunch of people out of prison? ” In the first two clips of Newt Gingrich, he says there’s no question that crack and cocaine sentencing were racist.

And folks may watch this documentary and come up with a different conclusion than I did. I was so excited when I read about it, and I told my husband, “Look, I can’t believe it! He thinks, If it sounds too good to be true, it’s too good to be true. White people think, I could never have owned anyone. You have everyone from Angela Davis to Newt Gingrich in the movie. And I rewound, like, “Is that Newt Gingrich who said that?

I got this email in the middle of a meeting with Disney. Parker was acquitted but his co-defendant, The Birth of a Nation co-writer Jean Celestin, was found guilty of sexual assault. You’re somebody who’s not by trade a historian; you’re a filmmaker.

Celestin’s conviction was later overturned because of “ineffective” counsel.“Is this going to be the price that young black women and men pay for making films of substance? “Are they going to dig in and get dirt instead of fruit? And where is the voice that defends him if he in fact is worthy of defending? That story is at the crux of so many of these issues: the way that criminalization and imputations of sexual predation have often been aimed at black men who threaten. I know that’s top of mind for everybody, but I’m so intensely busy. As a journalist who finds myself writing about history constantly, as in my book about unmarried women — Hey, I could have been in that book!

“When I first met him, I said, ‘I am the only person in the United States, including your wife, who’s read all your books.’ ” I guess there’s a part of my brain that has blocked out a lot having to do with Newt Gingrich. He’ll talk about a mission to treat crack cocaine the same as powder cocaine, and you’re like, Okay! Because I can’t say I know a lot of conservative Republicans. After a police officer’s killing of Philando Castile was recorded and streamed by his girlfriend, there was a lot of discourse around the value of watching these videos. It is asking people to bear witness to what has happened.

And then he’ll turn around and say something else, and you’re like, “Did you just say … It’s like what Mamie Till said about leaving the casket of her lynched 14-year-old son open at “I want them to see what they did to my baby.” We asked the families what they thought about us including these images of their dead.

Many of the analysts that we talked to for the documentary pointed out that you couldn’t run without running on crime. If you read it and understood it, you can get the information, I think. The whole “Right on Crime” thing was A criminal-justice-reform movement led by Republicans?

The director, whose new documentary The 13th chronicles America’s history of racial subjugation, talks to Rebecca Traister about Bill Clinton, Newt Gingrich, and the modern criminal-justice system.

It was an emotional permission I felt I had to ask. The only places that had [video] interviews with him were ABC and Huffington Post. ” They told me, “Ava, she’s not there anymore.” Finally, I tracked down the woman who’s executive editor of the whole thing there and she pushed it through in two hours. [Du Vernay ultimately used a different Emmett Till photograph, from a different angle.] I was interested in New Yorker writer and historian Jelani Cobb’s comments about the portrayal of black men as rapists, how after emancipation they went from being rendered as kindly Uncle Remuses to rapacious villains.

I’m always surprised we don’t see the post-death image of Emmett Till more. We found out we can’t get permission from the owner. And I was also just reading about how Harry Belafonte is In 1999, while in college, Nate Parker was accused of rape.

The 13th, which will debut in theaters and on Netflix on October 7, uses archival images from before emancipation through the Jim Crow era and the civil-rights movement, as well as contemporary footage of police brutality against black men, and is threaded with interviews with scholars, lawmakers, prison-reform activists, and the formerly incarcerated. That movie, the first 0 million film to be directed by a black woman, will start shooting in November.

Meanwhile, Queen Sugar, the television show she co-produced and wrote (which is directed exclusively by women, including Du Vernay), has broken viewership records for the Oprah Winfrey Network, OWN. And on September 24, the Smithsonian’s new National Museum of African American History and Culture will open with another new film by Du Vernay, chronicling seismic events that have all taken place on August 28: Emmett Till’s murder, the March on Washington, Hurricane Katrina’s landfall, and Barack Obama’s acceptance of the Democratic nomination.

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