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She was best friends with Jenna Hamilton, until she began to date Collin Jennings, as well as changing her personality into a cruel and nasty person, but they have begun to rekindle their friendship after Jenna apolagized to her and her friends about being the cruel person she was to them.

She attended Palos Hills High School, where she is currently the new leader of the Asian Mafia Her portrayer Jessica Lu, confirmed that Who I Want To Be is her last episode.

In No Woman is An Island, she is mentioned that she went off to boarding school so she can get into better colleges.

She is later seen having lunch with Jenna and Tamara until Jenna volunteers for Jake Rosati's prep rally.

While she is known for her sense of fashion, Ming was also cautious, who was always on her toes because of the Asian Mafia's then-leader Becca.

She is best friends with Tamara Kaplan and Fred Wu who is also her boyfriend.

Whenever speaking to Jenna and Tamara about her relationships with Fred Wu or Henry, Ming would usually tell them to keep quiet or whisper as she feared that members of the Asian Mafia were listening.

After punching the leader Becca and putting her in her place, Ming became the new leader of the Asian Mafia, and with her new power she changed her hairstye. She gave up her power in the Asian Mafia back to Becca, after she wanted to be with Fred Wu in peace.

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