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There was almost always someone willing to pay for the pleasure. She’s been pregnant, though — a lot — but never had kids.

Theresa ended up having 12 abortions, and doubts she could ever get pregnant again.

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There are some things about that hot summer night that Randy remembers vividly: He left his job as a car salesman to meet up with some fellow tweakers at a house party, he says, as Robert and Theresa nod, almost fondly remembering what those days were like.And one state employee who works closely with Child Protective Services calls meth a fertility drug.“Meth moms are having baby after baby after baby,” she says.(See “Ice, Ice, Baby” for more details about meth moms.) As reports of HIV infections increase in Maricopa County, local health officials say widespread meth use is to blame.The meth problem in the Valley’s gay community, where most of Arizona’s HIV-positive cases have been reported, has been pervasive for years.

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    An underground sewer system replaced open sewers in 1865. Although Old Aberdeen has a separate history and still holds its ancient charter, it is no longer officially independent.

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    The show’s resident lovebirds have apparently been getting pretty amorous in the contestants’ house, so much so that they’ve been given a talk on safe sex after getting frisky on the STAIRS.