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She started to tuck it all away a little more as I got older and she began to notice my lingering gazes, so naturally I starting finding ways to get my looks in when she didn't know I was looking.

Peeping on her getting in and out of the shower or dressing for work or catching her and dad having sex became a bit of an obsession some weeks.

I have a real thing for the sexy, innocent vulnerability of sleeping girls. When I properly hugged her close, she fit right up under my chin, which I felt was the best height for a girl.

Hell, I was so used to being friend-zoned, if you were a girl in my peer group, I'd have probably fingered you for an hour and got you off a half dozen times even though I knew you'd just send me home with blueballs so I could sniff my finger while jerking off later if you'd have let me. My erotic daydreams could be weirdly vivid, too, because my dad basically looks like a much older, taller version of me with facial hair.

Author's note: This is a work of fiction and, as such, does not reflect any actual events.

Character resemblance to any persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

Soft it looks something like a wad of gum that's fallen into a wastebasket at a barber's shop. I live in a tiny, one-horse mid-western farm town that's finally grown big enough to qualify for a second horse, but still isn't big enough for a Red Lobster. I have short, dark brown hair I wear parted on the left and dark brown eyes that have never needed glasses.

It's probably part of why I don't feel very confident with girls. I'm almost nineteen years old and because I'm something of a nerdy gamer stereotype, I've never been very good with girls. I got my dad's squashed nose and quirky sense of humor and my mom's small hands, elvish ears and penchant for sunburns.

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