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"I can honestly say I feel like I've earned the place that she's come to.I feel like the writers have given me time to develop her, and they've worked with me. She still has quirky moments, and her sense of humor is still intact."It's unexpected a bit because, I think, in a way, people expect it to just be full-on a relationship.

"You've seen different sides of all the characters.She's not the quiet loner fans saw in the first season of "Leverage." "Yeah, it's cool.I've really enjoyed it, actually, this season," Riesgraf says.They're not going to be going to the park and having a picnic." Riesgraf says her hope is that fans will appreciate the new Parker-Hardison dynamic. "It's kind of cool to see them work side-by-side and just have a moment or a look that they share, or something small that lets you know that they are very close," she says.So, too, Riesgraf appreciates the way in which Parker has evolved.

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