Crystalens studies accommodating lens

Given its improvement since then I'd guess its likely 20/20 or so, I can read the small print on my eye drop bottles for instance.

Not everyone achieves this level of near vision with the lens so people shouldn't expect to necessarily get quite as good a result, and should be prepared for the possibility for needing reading glasses at near.

New treatments are currently being evaluated for post laser eye surgery ectasia, including collagen corneal cross-linking.

The question of PRK Vs LASIK is common for consumers interested in laser vision correction.Like LASIK and other laser vision correction surgery, PRK is considered an elective procedure and therefore costs associated with the surgery typically are not covered by health insurance.You can lower your PRK costs by setting up a Health Savings Account (HSA) at your bank or contributing to flexible health benefits program at work.It is a new type of "extended depth of focus" lens that uses a different design than multifocal and accommodating lenses.I had Symfony lenses implanted in both eyes the first week of December.

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