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Our elite dating and millionaire dating staff will go to work Identifying Suitable ladies That match what you are looking for.

You can enjoy a romantic meeting with Each woman in a relaxed and private setting.

Call us on 1300 885 402 to arrange an interview at Elite Introductions, in either Sydney or Melbourne or recommend it to a friend in the box on the right and sign up to Australia’s premier dating agency for successful individuals.

With our focus on quality over quantity, Elite Introductions aims to send you on your last first date.“We were both seeking a new start to our lives with someone who could be a friend.

So, the question you are the Likely to ask right now …

Why should I choose Czech and Slovakian women, as Opposed to women from the USA and Western Europe?

To my delight the person I was introduced to ticked ALL the boxes and more.”“I am an outgoing and successful person, and yet, the thought of putting myself out there and appearing vulnerable or anything less than complete and perfect, is a horrendous thought.

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These women Possess beauty, brains, class and sex appeal. We have been in the dating millionaire, executive elite dating and dating business for over 15 years and are EASTERN EUROPE’S PREMIER MATCHMAKER.Beautiful, educated women in the USA and Western Europe Who are 10 to 40 years younger Than you can find rich successful men nearer to Their Own age – if not younger Than Them.They do not need an older man, or Even Slightly older.That answer is easy; Because Czech and Slovakian women are some of the most beautiful women in the world and, unlike Those from Russia, Ukraine, Asia or South America; These women DO NOT need a visa to enter the UK, USA or Canada.With offices in the UK, USA, Canada, Czech Republic, Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Dubai ; we are here to ENSURE you meet your perfect woman; working with you throughout the process to give feedback and ENSURE you find the woman most Suitable to your own personal Tastes.

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    They range from young to old, asian to black or white, thin to fat.