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Franciscans carried on a heated rivalry with the Dominican friars of Santo Domingo Convent and the Jesuits of Compañía de Jesús, each trying to outdo the other in wealth and political influence.

Franciscans succeeded in obtaining permission from the Spanish Crown to establish Saint Bonaventure College, a prestigious institution where famous painters studied, such as Alonzo de la Paz, Cristobal de Villalpando, and Thomas de Merlo.

That church was damaged during the earthquake of 1575.

For 10 years, Franciscans collected funds to build a new church, which they eventually built at the location it occupies to this day.

These candles are for sale on the stalls outside the church.Meanings are as follows: Red = Love Blue = Work success Pink = Health White = Children Purple = To overcome vices Green = Business success Yellow = Protection Light blue = Success at school Black candles aren’t sold at the church and are removed if found out by clergy.What is the prayer request attached to black candles? Next door the church are the ruins of San Francisco Convent.To visit, walk past the Esquisuchil tree (scientific name Adjacent to the tomb are the ruins of Concepción Chapel, housing the Garden of Saint Hermano Pedro, along with a bronze sculpture.A stained-glass window behind the tomb depicts the death of Hermano Pedro and his arrival in Heaven.

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