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Not because I needed more distortion—there’s plenty of gain on tap at the lower settings—just to hear what it was like.It’s one of the best sounding high-gain pedals I’ve ever heard, as well.The strings were also run through a small piece of plastic tubing from inside the tremolo block hole beyond the saddle contact point, also to reduce string breakage.White "trick" or "flip-flop" automotive paint which gives an irredescent blue tint depending on the light and angle of view.

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It is at once the most sought-after and also the most unobtainable guitar sound, but not for lack of trying. It’s pretty much the coolest looking pedal ever, with gloss black VH striping over a matte black box.The cavity had been hugely routed for Some articles have referred to this guitar by the name "Butter" because of the butterscotch color, but Stevie's roadie says it was the yellow guitar listed above which was called Butter.The Hard Rock asked Stevie if they could have the damaged guitar, and Timothy said okay.A more nuanced explanation would be this: The tone simply explodes out of the speakers, with tons of gain but incredible clarity and truckloads of harmonics.It pumps and breathes like a cranked tube amp, following all picking dynamics and volume knob adjustments.

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