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Maybe that’s the last 10 percent of the love equation: the spark.” It’s that one word that stands out: uncertainty.As much as we may that we dread the early stages of dating and wish that we could leap-frog them straight to a relationship, it’s that intrigue, the excitement that comes with the uncertainty and mystery that helps provide the initial spark that blooms into the fire of the mutual attraction.Esquire writer Nate Hopper and ELLE writer Keziah Weir were set up on a series of dates and various tests over a period of three weeks.In between meetings, the two would work with a psychologist, an anthropologist and a geneticist to see what it meant to be compatible and try various experiments that promise to jumpstart chemistry.In fact, a little uncertainty can As anxiety-producing as the early days of dating can be, they’re actually some of the most pleasurable and exciting.That feeling of unpredictability and risk – wondering if someone you’re flirting with is going to say “yes” to a date, whether she’ll call if you give her your number – is emotionally invested in the answer and a “no” is going to sting.Of course, there’re some who take uncertainty to it’s extreme and mistake uncertainty for .

Someone who’s needy will that fact early and often; they frequently can’t handle any sort of ambiguity. Calling back a second time is the start of the deluge of neediness that ultimately snatches defeat from the jaws of victory.

Being able to handle uncertainty with grace is a sign of self-confidence and an abundance mentality.

Yes, the anticipation and apprehension can be hard to bear at times, but holding strong means the rewards are that much greater.

If she didn’t, then it wouldn’t be unreasonable to call one more time a day or two later just to make sure that she got his number. The anticipation would’ve made their first date more intense and lead to a great shared story later on.

But because he couldn’t handle the uncertainty, Mikey killed the attraction with his neediness.

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