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A police inspector is asked why the officers had not taken hold of Ms Power’s legs when she was being carried.

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She said: “I was fuming…I didn’t know what injuries they might cause me so I relaxed totally and let it happen because if you fight and resist, something will break.” She said she had been left “absolutely exhausted” by the ordeal and had struggled to sleep since.

He said: “No complaint has been received about this matter but we will review our tactics, as we constantly do in any event, to ensure we are adhering to best practice.

Many learners therefore invest significant sums of money in language-learning software and textbooks – and yes, they may reap great results. For those with tighter budgets, there are many language study tools that cost nothing and produce the same benefits.

My shoulders are hurting.” One of her friends even suggests an ambulance should be called to check she is not seriously injured.

Jonathan Bartley, co-leader of the Green Party, told : “It is extremely distressing to see one of our valued older members dragged across a road by police for peacefully protesting fracking.

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