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And while in years past the club has been adorned with worn carpets and furniture, the new, refurbished Gold Rush feels clean and comfortable.Also gone are the endless parade of ghetto dancers, replaced by a friendlier, somewhat cleaner brand of dancer. But at least the tattoos aren’t covering their ENTIRE backs.

There is one main stage in the middle which features anywhere from one to three dancers, one of them circulating the tip rail for a song or two, completely naked, allowing everyone at the rail to tuck a buck in their favorite spot.Drinks are priced about on par with other strip clubs, beers in the range and liquor drinks a few dollars more, and the food is, once again, better than most bar food you will get.I would not order the steak, as the quality of meat is not going to be what you’d get at a real restaurant, but for sandwiches and appetizers this is not a bad option for late-night dining.And for the most part they are top notch, on par with what you’d find at any club in Las Vegas.If you have a certain girl you want to see straddling the pole, there is a monitor in one corner of the club that features every girl and her spot in the dance rotation so you can see who is up next and who just got off stage.

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