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In Sri Lanka it will not ensure that men back off in their advances, but it will lessen the quota of men trying.

Casually mentioning a boyfriend or husband waiting for you at your hotel or apartment will have the same effect.

Walking by yourself after dark in Unawatuna/Hikkaduwa/a popular tourist spot can almost, where safety is concerned, be compared to an European or American city, as there will most likely be a lot of other tourists out during nocturnal hours.

Colombo is a little different in the sense that there are not as many tourists, and a female traveller will most likely note that late at night, seeing a Sri Lankan woman out on the streets alone is a rare occurrence.

While it is perfectly safe during the day, you will most likely encounter a rude(ish) driver who will do everything in his power to convince you that the meter is not working and try to rip you off by quoting a ridiculous price.

To avoid this, use the Pick Me app, which is easy for English-only speaking travellers since it involves little to no verbal communication.

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They may even add that as you are a foreigner, people will find you exotic; hence the staring and the general creepy behaviour. While most of the attention is harmless, and is best ignored, women should never have to feel uncomfortable or unsafe just walking down the street.This will let the driver know that somebody is keeping a tab on you.Even pretending to talk to someone on the phone might help, if you have no one to call.That is not saying that it never happens, but it is something worth thinking about when you are in the mood for some good old nicotine in the middle of the street.Being intoxicated in Sri Lanka requires the same precautions as anywhere else in the world, such as thinking twice about accepting drinks from strangers, keeping your drink within your eyesight, and not drinking to the point where you’re not capable of taking care of yourself.

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