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Dating in Los Angeles is a daunting experience for a 20-something, socially awkward introvert. As I proceeded to swipe away, he sent another message: “Feel free to text me anytime. Affairs columns I was in a fragile state, jumping into the dating-app world fresh off recovering from my surgery.

My impulse reaction is to re-create the “monkey covering eyes” emoji at the thought of a handsome guy glancing my way. “He’s a director,” I told my friend L., absently fiddling with the lighter in my hand. Just please remember to be careful on here,” and with that he provided his digits. But in a strange way, I felt a protective vibe from him.

I am not the brown-haired beauty in the bodycon dress dancing her Saturday night away at West Hollywood’s 1Oak or Bootsy Bellows. So, after some thought, I decided to text him the next day. He told me about his job as an engineer, while I discussed my life as a freelancer.

Instead, you’ll find this brunette with her attempt to be semi-cool ombre highlights beneath a blanket binge-watching TV shows, such as “Orange Is the New Black,” while devouring freshly baked gluten-free chocolate chip cookies. We talked about our mutual love of large dog breeds and the Los Angeles Lakers.

A corporate executive is sent to a small town to re-brand a restaurant as part of a strategic acquisition, but the iconic diner happens to be in her home town where she hasn't been in years and the owner is her high school sweetheart.

An accountant, who never quite grew out of his awkward teenage years, finds himself with a dating coach - she happens to be his high school crush as well.

Mostly I attribute it to some excellent performances by the leads -- Eric Mabius really seems to know how to act for the camera -- and a wonderfully silly small turn by Kathy Najimy.

Before she walks down the aisle, Jordan and her best friends, Claire (...

See full summary » Ashley is a journalist and does makeovers for a TV show.

Not realizing the feelings are mutual, he finds himself unable to act on them due to his fear of being rejected by the one he truly loves.

The Thrill Of It All Written By Steve Rochinski (ASCAP; Line Out Music) Arrangement by Barrie Nettles and Steve Rochinski Performed By Alex Mac Dougall Licensed By Heavy Hitters Music (ASCAP) Played at the beginning of the "Self-Confidence" vignette See more » When a sensitive but nerdish accountant hires the girl who broke his heart in high school as a dating coach, you know exactly how this movie is going to turn out.

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