Jim crow laws and dating

This began a 25-year-long denunciation of the black as an inferior creation, incapable of moral vitality or learning and the drafting of laws that would disenfranchise blacks and not contravene the 15th Amendment to the Constitution.

This was the birth of the Southern Alliance, the coming together of conservative Bourbons, opportunistic politicians and poverty-stricken farmers in an atmosphere of panic for the express purpose of translating a psychological aberration into a social institution. All over the South the white and colored signs went up.

WILDER: White southerners are resistant of the idea of living in an egalitarian society, in which African-Americans might operate as equal partners.

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In 1881 Tennessee amended an earlier statute preventing blacks from suing discriminatory railroads with a new law requiring railroad companies to furnish separate cars for "colored passengers," and by 1900 all southern states had segregated their transportation systems.

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HOLT: But the Southern states made sure there were loopholes in these new laws for whites.

The term Jim Crow probably originated in 19th-century minstrelsy, and it had some pre-Civil War usage, not in the South but in the North, to describe separate facilities for blacks and whites, including steamboats, hotels and restaurants.

In the late 19th century, however, the term Jim Crow took on a new meaning, symbolizing the southern, and eventually national, system of legal segregation.

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