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Teaching primary school children about personal finance might help, but we need far stricter controls on credit.

consider them the devil’s best weapon in driving you into insurmountable debt (indeed around 18m people received a default notice on their credit card bill last year), used properly, they could help manage your finances better thanks to interest free periods and balance transfer offers that operate like an interest free loan as long as you play by the rules.

Contactless cards also make it easier than ever to spend money you just don’t have.

At least writing a cheque was a slow process, now a transaction can be done online or swiped in a matter of seconds.

does a 30 month interest free deal on new purchases.

Which sounds generous until you get hit by the 22.9% variable interest rate on anything you do buy.

The best way to do a credit card comparison is to decide what you want from the offer and work backwards.

If dipping your toe into the credit card pool is about funding a specific purchase, you need a card offering the longest 0% interest period on new purchases, giving you the longest time to pay off those expensive one-offs.

Pay it off regularly and fully to ensure the cashback you receive isn't eclipsed by the charges.

But if your rewards of choice don’t need to be all about the money in your pocket and can be more specific, such as Nectar points or M&S vouchers, they can be worth more than the cash return on your credit card spending.

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