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I caught herrunning around here wearing sunglasses.

I'd tell your business tooif you had something to tell.

Now, you know motherf ucking wellyou ain't gotta give her money.

Get your punk ass up out of hereand don't do that shit no more.

Sporting black, looking tore up f romthe floor up, no time f or your hair.

No, but I got a spare stampso you can mail a job application.

-She can't stand me with a passion.-She hates your ass.

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Don't worry aboutwhat the players is talking about. ..that crazy hoe you f uck withhook me up with one of her partners. We're supposed to find a wayup there anyway f or our music thing. This ain't none of that chronic,but you can use some of this Thai bud. You must ain't got no man'cause you don't never smile. Y'all wanna get your asses to workbef ore you get fired?

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