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One such theory, reported by the Daily Kos on Monday and amplified on social media, is that Ecuador removed Assange from the internet because of a UN report that he had sent lewd images and sexually explicit messages to an 8-year-old girl over an obscure dating app.

Wiki Leaks has since responded on Twitter, saying the claims are false: According to a widely shared Oct.

But after an in-depth and cordial conversation, Hammond refused to continue answering questions about the story.

While Buzz Feed News was able to verify Drotar's involvement in the project, it was unable to confirm the identity of the Google reverse image search engineer Hammond claimed worked on KATIA.

Dean told Buzz Feed News "someone gave us some information" about the case, but that no complainant ever came forward after the initial tip."We don’t have nobody to interview," Dean said.

While the RBPF considers the allegation an open matter, Dean said, he added that "anyone can pick up a phone and tell us something."But what about that official-seeming UN document?

Started by a husband and wife named Todd and Clare Hammond, T&C Network Solutions is the corporate name for a small dating site called Toddand Clare.

The site claims to use special screening software called KATIA, described in a press release as "an evidence-based, statistical rape screening tool" designed by "a University of Notre Dame mathematician, Scott Drotar; a Google engineer from the Reverse Image Search team; and a women’s rape counselor." The service presents itself as a dating site with an algorithm to weed out sex offenders by analyzing users’ language and using facial recognition detection.

Earlier this year, Buzz Feed News began reporting on Toddand Clare and KATIA.

Beckinsale and Rife were seen kissing during a movie theater date in Los Angeles on Friday, November 17.

They packed on the PDA at a table in the lobby while eating snacks from the concession stand.

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