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Start out by checking out Mother&Baby's dating site, but take it offline as soon as you feel comfortable. Sure, you haven’t been to see any films above a PG rating for a year – but like everything, it helps to carve out some time for dating.‘Websites or apps are the place for introductions and making connections, but face-to-face is how you really see if there’s potential with someone.’ We're offering a special discount on our dating site at the moment, and full membership will cost just £5 for the first month. So, if this means asking someone to babysit, raid your speed dial.If your scrolling through the Instagram of an ‘avid gym goer’ and find images of doughnuts instead of dumbbells, there’s a good chance he’s lying.Alternatively get him to add you on Facebook, or you can always take the stealth route by tracking him down through mutual friends (Tinder handily tells you who your mutual friends are if you have any).But now you’re a mummy and come as a package deal - an obligatory multipack – which means the man you’re looking for needs to not only be your soul mate but also impress your kids (so you’re not looking for too much, then! The simple truth is – the whole dating thing is not the same as it was pre-children. Once you were skilled in swapping numbers in nightclubs or meeting new men in the gym.Now your skill set is completing the housework one handed and the only man you’re likely to meet is the postman.

So why leave the house to find a match when you can swipe through thousands of potential dates from your sofa in your pyjamas? Scrolling through a few of my ancient Tinder messages, the majority of the conversations have ended with me mentioning my son.

Provided his profile isn’t a pesky private you will find yourself with an encyclopaedic knowledge of how often he sees his mother to how many jobs he's got through.

Just remember which information he has provided and which is social media harvested intel, and prepare an appropriate ‘I have just this second found that out about you’ face for when he does tell you! You have plucked, scrubbed, painted, shaved and plastered on the under eye concealer.

‘If they’re strong, maybe anger or hope for reconciliation, there’s perhaps still something to work through,’ says relationship coach Claire Brummell.

Also how would you cope if things didn’t work out in a new relationship – or if they did?

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