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However, after a mammoth 20-week investigation, cops finally stopped searching the rubbish for clues on July 21 – sparking emotional scenes as Corrie's dad blockaded the tip's entrance.His family have spoken of their heartache over his disappearance - with his dad sharing new pictures of his son as a young boy on several occasions.He separated from his friends, with CCTV footage showing him eating takeaway food at around 1.20am.At 3.24am he was spotted taking a nap in a nearby doorway before he leaves the view of the camera - this is the last confirmed sighting of Corrie.They also hit out at vultures flogging a range of clothes and mugs emblazoned with missing Corrie's face.

The roller coaster events of the mid-twentieth century may keep them off balance, but Christmas still brings out the best in everyone.

But it has since emerged this was recorded wrong, and the actual weight was another 90kg - which Corrie's mum said "can only mean one thing".

Police are keen to speak to anyone who was in Bury St Edmunds on the night of September 23/24.

Corrie is a senior aircraftman and is the son of Nicola, from Dunfermline, and Martin Mc Keague from Cupar, and has two brothers, Darroch and Makeyan Mc Keague.

The serviceman met his girlfriend April Oliver five months before his disappearance and in January, four months after Corrie vanished, she announced she was pregnant.

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