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Sites like Facebook have been used for dating; which may be insecure.

People get conned-of money and expensive gadgets which are emotionally and physically draining.

When a user joins a channel or a room setting is changed.

Use with the tags capability; see ROOMSTATE (Twitch Tags), which has additional parameters.

These dates are usually organized by friends who 'feel pity' for their partner less friend.

While our IRC server generally follows RFC1459, there are several cases where it behaves slightly differently than other IRC servers; as described below, there are many Twitch-specific IRC capabilities.

The differences are necessary to accommodate: There are two special statuses for bots which enhance the Twitch user experience and are trusted not to run rampant: known and verified. Verified bots have higher throughput than known bots. Both known and verified bots: Using IRC v3 capability registration, you can register for Twitch-specific capabilities, to access Twitch-specific commands, data, etc.

Most people who use online dating sites fear being rejected in actual life.

These sites are a safe haven for persons who fear rejection, and if any occurs, it does not hurt as much as an actual rejection.

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