Unity updating editor preferences from script

For example, you might want to make a tool to help level designers place down randomized doodads such as trees, barrels, and flowers.

To do this you will need to store data such as the prefabs it can spawn and brush information such as radius and randomness.

The extensions shown above are dynamically queried.

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When they close and reopen that window it can be pre-populated with their last selections.In my last post I wrote about best practices for extending Unity’s menus with custom editor tools.I’ve decided to continue supplementing Unity’s meager editor tools documentation with a post on how to handle persistent save data, such as preferences or settings, when writing custom tools for your team and other developers in Unity.It wouldn’t make sense to restore if the tool were opened in another project, though, so they should be stored as .For more examples you can browse through the Unity Editor itself.

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