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Sophie had previously said that her fiance thought she was 'bonkers' and had 'no chance' of getting the rapper to their wedding - so decided to prove him wrong.

In footage shared on the radio station's Facebook page, David can be seen speaking to presenters Stav Davidson, Abby Coleman, Matt Acton and Osher Gunsberg when they inform him there's a fan on the phone.

He was speaking to the presenters when they told him that one of his fans, who had been tweeting him, was on the line - and he immediately knew who it was.

Sophie Mc Evoy's, from Marston Green, Birmingham, is due to marry fiancé Richard Mc Causland in Tenerife on 27 October.

Oh wicked, put me through.'Sophie's attempts to get Craig David to perform at their wedding started after he favourited the first tweet she sent him, right.

She has since messaged him every single day and says she tries to be witty with her messages The office manager, who met her 28-year-old recruitment consultant fiancé at a club in Birmingham eight years ago, says: 'You're a very hard man to get hold of.'Craig David reveals he has seen the tweets and Sophie, who got engaged in the Cayman Islands, in February last year, explains that she's a massive fan.

but I will come through and do a little something for you on your wedding day.'Stunned, Sophie says: 'Shut up, shut up! ', to which Craig David reveals that arrangements were being made with Sophie's wedding planner. but now we're on air I can't lead you on for any longer…

Land myself in another load of mediocrity & no talent or technique around me to help me disguise it.’For the rest of his life, Williams would remain contemptuous of his talent to amuse.Craig David has surprised a bride-to-be by agreeing to perform at her wedding, after she tweeted him every day for a year.The star made the announcement during an appearance on Brisbane's radio station, hit105, on Friday.Hann thinks that there were times on Never Mind The Buzzcocks when the viewer could spot Hughes’s disdain for what he was doing.Another friend thought that Hughes, who died of suspected heart and liver failure, was one of those comedians who never come to terms with the facility with which they extract laughter from an audience.

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