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Serena used her 20 minutes to get a cardio boost with a full-body workout.

But it isn't recommended for every expectant mother to follow her exercises.

The common way for pregnant women to administer the anticoagulant is through an injection into the belly that they do themselves.

In today’s turbulent environment, leading disruptive innovation is likely more about best principles than best practices, and requires a disruptive approach to management itself.Increased risk of blood clotting occurs because of the change in hormone levels and blood composition in the body during pregnancy.Also, the weight of the fetus pressing on the mother's veins reduces the blood flow to the legs.Source: Pub Med Health'I love her choice of med ball slams and sled pushes during her eighth month because these are that are muscularly taxing, but they are low in impact and not creating a ton of excess downward pressure on her pelvic floor,' Molly Galbraith said.The muscles in the pelvic floor have more stress on them during pregnancy because of the increase in pressure.

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