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He's know for his bravery, but is quite hot-tempered and foolhardy, and has had to be pulled from the force quite a few times.Nevertheless, he is one of Superman's most valuable allies, even saving his life at least once.Now Brainiac seeks to gain as much knowledge from the galaxy as it can, by any means, as well as increase the value of that information by destroying any "redundant" data (i.e., the original civilizations).The superpowered, diabolical tyrant of the wasteland planet known as Apokolips.

In reality, he's a sociopath with a thirst for power and control, which he will gladly go to any length to have.

Superman's debut in Metropolis was crushing the robot and hauling Corben off to prison. Lex Luthor, thankful for Corben refusing to testify against him, offered a solution: upload Corbin's mind into an immortal robot body, powered by a Kryptonite core.

Corben enjoyed the limitless strength and durability, but the lack of touch, smell and taste drove him insane.

Especially once he found out that the fatal disease he contracted was deliberately applied to him A Metropolis radio personality who built her career by bashing Superman on the airwaves.

She finds herself suddenly possessing electrical superpowers after both she and Supes are struck by the same lightning bolt during a thunderstorm.

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