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The very first divider had a place for students to mark off each unit as they completed it.

I never remembered to remind students to do so, so most of them left it blank.

It became all too boring soon though – and Miller’s fan count (nothing to write home about at the first place! Miller made viewers sit up and take notice with her role as ‘Caitlin’ in ‘The Edge Of Love’ – but has fallen back to her insipid roles in even stupider films.

Her upcoming ‘American Sniper’ does not look promising either.

Diaz comes across as unpredictable – and that only can explain why she signed ‘The Counselor’ and ‘The Green Hornet’ (and many such ‘gems’). C’mon, they were all about an adrenalin-pumping girl gang – no serious acting was required for it! The name ‘Megan/Meagan’ and Hollywood are probably not perfect fits – since this pretty lady’s ambitions to make a mark at Hollywood have also fallen flat.

Now 35, Heigl is a steady presence in tabloids, celebrity mobile apps and media events – but her film career has hit a dead end. ‘Factory Girl’, ‘Alfie’, ‘Layer Cake’ – all of them had Sienna Miller in them, in incredibly steamy scenes.

But, these just got bent up in students' backpacks.

The kids weren't using them, so I stopped handing them out.

Here are the finished products: (If you're straining to read the skills, they're posted here in a much more reader friendly format!

) Files are uploaded here as (editable) Publisher files and (non-editable) PDF files.

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