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But when I went to my optician he also couldn’t see anything.’Waking up on New Year’s Day 2016, Danny looked in the mirror and was astonished to see the tinge of a contact lens in his right eye — it was the missing lens.‘I got such a shock.

It had been four months and I’d been told repeatedly it wasn’t there.

In theatre, she mentioned that her eye didn’t feel comfortable — and as doctors looked closely, a bluish foreign body emerged — which turned out to be 17 contact lenses bound together. As Dr Rupal Morjaria, an ophthalmology registrar who treated her, told Good Health that the woman, who used disposable lenses, had not been for regular check-ups, which would have avoided this situation.

Fortunately no long-term damage was done.‘Nowadays, buying contact lenses from internet suppliers is very easy and patient often opt for this and fail to have regular monitoring,’ he adds.

‘You must never use water unless it has been boiled,’ says optometrist Robert Glass.

‘In trying to remove the lens, you could cause an abrasion, and this would create an entry point for bugs in the tap water to get into the eye and cause a severe infection.

For 30 years, Danny Franks had worn contact lenses for up to 18 hours a day and never suffered a problem with them.

Then, two years ago, while dawdling in rush-hour traffic, Danny, 53, a technical entrepreneur, suddenly experienced a searing pain in his right eye.

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But sometimes the eye would be weepy or puffy, especially in the morning.‘Every now and then I’d get a sharp pain. I was sure it was my “lost” lens stuck somewhere in my eye.Really hoping Netflix or Amazon will pick it up like they've done for other shows to give it another chance.Not sure it was ever meant for HBO....maybe Showtime even would have been a better fit. I don't even have kids but didn't mind that much of the show was centered around parenting because the characters were strong and ring true to their age group and genre.I just assumed it had fallen out in the accident.’After five days of tests, doctors concluded Danny’s heart was healthy and that he had just randomly passed out.Danny could still feel something scratchy in his eye, but doctors couldn’t see anything, even using a microscope.

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