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We were still teenagers then though so that was probably for the best.

Anyway, a new job opportunity brought me back into the area and we just happened to run into each other at happy hour one evening.

The couple had built a life together that was the envy of many.

The designer home has been replaced by a dilapidated farmhouse in desperate need of renovation and the bank accounts are empty, meaning those idle days have been replaced by a hand-to-mouth life running market stalls and car boot sales.

Tony had spent the lot in the past three years'‘It blindsided me a bit as the children were so settled and happy, but he wouldn’t let it go and in the end he was so miserable and withdrawn I felt that I didn’t have a choice,’ says Sally.

‘Now, I think the real reason he wanted to move was to shore up some of his debts with the sale of our home.’Two weeks before they were due to move, however — and with Tamara and Dan already enrolled at English schools — Sally received a call from an estate agent telling her that the property was no longer available.

I've been getting increasingly annoyed with him because despite making up the hours during the week I've been staying at least 15 minutes late every Friday. My heels clacked on the asphalt of the parking lot as I walked towards my car while hitting the unlock key.

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I dangled my heel off of my toes as I bounced my foot anxiously while sitting with my legs crossed. He announced summer hours a few weeks ago which allowed us to leave at every Friday as long as we made up the hours during the week. I loved the summer but today was one of those uncomfortably hot and humid days.

Withdrawing the few remaining pounds in the joint account, she bought three flights to England and took the children to stay at her eldest daughter Michelle’s home in Cornwall.

Sally also had to address the pressing matter of the family finances: with the recession tightening its grip, their house was valued by estate agents at little more than €150,000 (£130,000) — almost half what they’d paid for it — meaning selling was not an attractive option, particularly with little interest in the marketplace.

Meanwhile, no money was coming in, and to make ends meet Sally did whatever work she could, enlisting Tony to help rent their land for car boot sales and running market stalls selling second-hand clothes.

All the while, she remained paranoid that her husband would break his vow to stay away from the internet.

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